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10 Newborn Tips that Every Parent Should Know!

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If you’re looking for some great newborn tips that can help you survive those early weeks with your new baby, you’ve come to the right place!

In this post, I have tried to simplify things for you by gathering up some of my favorite posts and resources about newborn care.

These are not tips that you’ll probably hear from your doctor or midwife. (maybe your doula or newborn care specialist, though!)

I think that every new parent needs to know these great newborn care tips. Keep reading…

Newborn Breastfeeding Tips

newborn tips that every parent should know

This new online resource is LOADED with 52 great, evidence-based tips for new breastfeeding mamas!

I just recently discovered this new little gem (written in 2019) by an experienced lactation consultant.

What I love most about this little eBook is how easy it is for new moms to use! Load it onto your phone and it’s like having a lactation consultant in your back pocket!

Safe and Natural Cradle Cap Tips

newborn tips that every parent should know

Learn everything you need to know about cradle cap plus quick and easy natural ways to get rid of it fast!

Why Sleep Cues are a Game-Changer!

newborn tips that every parent needs to know

Have you ever heard of “wake windows” and “sleep cues”? Find out how you can help your baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with these great baby sleep tips!

16 Tips for Keeping Your Newborn Healthy

newborn tips that every parent needs to know

How can you keep your precious new baby healthy in the middle of cold and flu season? Here are 16 very practical tips that can help prevent illness in your newborn…

8 Tips to Prevent “Flat Head Syndrome” in Babies

newborn tips that every parent needs to know

Learn how to avoid flat spots on your baby’s head. Plagiocephaly is becoming a very common newborn condition. Find out how to protect your baby’s head with these great tips!

Are you Afraid of the Witching Hour?

What causes a fussy baby in the evening? Over-tired? Colic?

Read why many babies are often fussy during the evening and find solutions to solve your baby’s witching hour woes! Prevent a tired, cranky and fussy evening baby with these simple tips.

3 Easy Bath Tips for Newborns

newborn tips that every parent needs to know

These tips will help you and your baby enjoy bath time. Keep baby warm and happy during baths with these 3 easy bath tips.

11 Tips for Night Feedings

Here are some great survival tips for those dreaded middle-of-the-night feedings. These tips will promote easier feedings so that you (and your baby) can get back to sleep faster!

20 Tips for Happier Cluster Feeding

Don’t be afraid of cluster-feeding!

These breastfeeding tips will help you relax and enjoy those long breastfeeding sessions with your newborn.

10 Sleep Fixes for Better Newborn Sleep!

newborn tips that every parent needs to know

These are 10 amazing baby sleep tips that every parent needs to know! Find out what might be keeping your baby from getting good sleep…

10 Newborn Tips for No-Cry Tummy Time!

Some babies (and parents) really hate tummy time. But, it doesn’t need to be so hard. It doesn’t even need to be on the floor!

Find out some tummy time tips that can save your sanity…

More Newborn Tips:

Hungry for even more newborn care tips? Here you go ….

Over-tired Baby or Colic?

Newborn Swaddling Tips

Days and Nights Mixed Up? How to Fix it Fast!

Infant Reflux Remedies for Newborns

Newborn Feeding Tips

Skin-to-Skin Benefits for Newborns

22 Amazing Coconut Oil Hacks for Babies

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