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40 Best Baby Hacks for 2020!

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(Above video from the The Krazy Coupon Lady 2019)

Are you ready for the best baby hacks of 2020?

Let’s face it…

Being a parent is hard work!

It helps whenever we find ways to make our job easier!

In this post, I’m going to share some of my favorite baby hacks (and ingenious baby products) to make your job a little bit easier.

Ready? Here we go!

Pacifier Baby Hacks

baby hacks

Duct tape… okay, just kidding!

Not safe.


These hacks are almost as good!


1. The WubbaNub

Keep your baby happy with these pacifiers! They come in an assortment of cute little baby animals. The stuffed animal will gently hold the pacifier in place for your baby and when the pacifier slips out of your baby’s mouth, it won’t fall onto the floor!

I seriously LOVE these and wish they were around when my babies were young… Oh well!

They are easy to wash in your sink. Just swish them in sudsy water, rinse and allow them to dry on your dish rack… BRILLIANT!

After baby graduates from the pacifier, just snip it off and you still have the cute little stuffed toy left!

2. The Ol’ Medicine-in-the-Pacifier Trick!

If you have ever tried to give a baby a dose of medicine or vitamin D drops, you know how hard that can be, right?

You end up wiping most of the medicine off her chin or shirt. Ugh!

…enter… the pacifier trick… ta da!

The best way is to use the Philips Avent Soothie. Why? Because it already has a tiny hole in it! BRILLIANT!

Using a medicine dropper, measure out the prescribed amount. Drip it slowly into the pacifier as baby sucks down the liquid.

If your baby is already familiar with this pacifier, this hack works even better!


Get the one with the cute little stuffed animal attached to it. They are ADORABLE! They also help to hold that pacifier in place for baby!!

See this HUGE collection of the best BABY HACKS of 2020. 40+ tips, tricks and hacks to make life with a baby much easier for new parents! From cleaning to breastfeeding, diapering to sleep, these life-changing new parent hacks will simplify your life!  #babyhacks, #newparenthacks, #parenthacks

3. The Self-Closing Pacifier!

Another great pacifier that actually “self-closes” when dropped is this handy pacifier.

When baby drops this self-closing pacifier out of her mouth, it actually closes up inside its own case to protect it from hitting the floor. Pretty ingenious!

Baby Hacks for Sleep

(Above video from Nathan Dailo 2015)

4. The Tissue Trick

To see this amazing hack in action…. watch the video above!

5. Sound Machine Magic

Use a sound machine!

A sound machine mimics the sounds of the womb and that is very soothing and relaxing for a new baby!

Did you know that the volume of the womb is actually quite loud? Some experts believe that it’s as loud as a vacuum cleaner!

Use a sound machine, mama, and don’t be afraid to turn up the volume!

Here’s my favorite little portable sound machine that performs as well as an expensive full-sized model.

6. Fingernail Trimming Baby Hacks

Wait about 20 minutes after your sweetie falls asleep to trim her fingernails. She will be in a deep sleep state by then and won’t wake up!

It’s also easier to trim fingernails when they are not all squirmy and fussy!

I really like this baby nail clipper because it has some pretty great safety features that make it easier for parents to trim cute little baby nails without drawing blood!

Baby Hacks for the Diaper Bag

(Above video is from OneCrazyHouse 2016)

7. Baby Clothing Bundle

Watch the quick video above and stick your little clothing bundle into a Ziploc bag. Now, you not only have a change of clothes for your baby, but you also have a plastic bag for the dirty ones!

8. Extra Shirt for Mom!

Spit-ups and blow-outs happen and sometimes mamas get caught in the spray! Make sure that you’re prepared by packing an extra lightweight shirt for you, as well. Stick the shirt into a Ziploc bag and you’re prepared for the worst!

9. Keep Plastic Bags in Your Diaper Bag

Never underestimate the power of a plastic bag! Seriously… they have so many helpful uses when you’re out and about with children!

  1. Laundry bags
  2. Disposable diaper “pails”
  3. Bag to hold wet clothing
  4. Plastic seat protector if you have a wet or dirty child
  5. Doggy poop bags
  6. Trash bag for the car or park
  7. Disposable lunch bag for the park
  8. Storage for wet beach towels

Baby Hacks for Bath time

baby hacks

10. Bath Swaddle

Place a wet towel over baby’s chest to keep her warm during bath time or wrap your baby is this slip-proof bath swaddle!

More great tips for no-cry bath time here.

11. Use the Kitchen Sink!

baby hacks

Try bathing your baby in your kitchen sink! Who says you need to buy a baby bathtub, anyway?

Think about it… the kitchen sink is the perfect height for you. No leaning over and much easier to keep your hands on a slippery baby!

If your kitchen is too cold, try pre-heating your oven and leaving the oven door ajar for a bit to pre-warm your kitchen!

I bathed all my babies in the kitchen sink and we all loved it!

Baby Hacks for the Car

12. Emergency Diaper Stash

Keep diapers, wipes and a changing pad inside your car, so you are never caught off guard when you forget to restock your diaper bag. Stick them into a plastic bag and you’ll have everything you need!

Breastfeeding Hacks

baby hacks

14. Breastfeeding Reminder Hack

When breastfeeding, remember where your baby last fed by placing a clip on your bra or a wrist band on your wrist.

After each feeding, simply “mark” the side where your next feeding should begin!

15. On-Demand Breastfeeding Help!

baby hacks

Get fast breastfeeding answers with this handy e guide. Download this helpful reference and always have a quick answer for your breastfeeding questions.

I love this new breastfeeding guide written by a lactation consultant. It’s so easy to download and use on your phone or tablet… It’s like having a lactation consultant in your pocket!

16. Relaxed Breastfeeding

Learn how to nurse lying down! There are so many advantages to breastfeeding your baby while lying down:

  1. More relaxed mama for faster let down and less stress. (less stress= more milk)
  2. More restful position for mom and baby
  3. Less stress to neck, back and shoulders
  4. Mom can rest and catch some zzzz’s while breastfeeding
  5. Generally safer if mom should fall asleep during the feeding. Many moms fall asleep in a chair while breastfeeding and that is definitely not safe!
  6. Usually easier and more intuitive for baby!

Find out more benefits of breastfeeding while lying down in this post.

17. Stop Over-Washing Those Pump Parts!

baby hacks

There’s simply no need to wash your pump parts after every pumping session!

After pumping, simply place your used pump parts inside a bowl or plastic bag and store them in the refrigerator. The cold inhibits bacterial growth. Wash every 8 hours instead of after every session!

Diaper Changing Baby Hacks

18. Portable Diaper Caddy

Find a portable diaper changing station that goes with you! Use baskets or bins and have one for every level of your house!

(The video above is from Tiaras & Prozac 2014)

19. Quick “Blow-out” Tip

STOP! When your baby has a “blow out” and poop is everywhere, don’t take that onesie or vest (British term) over your baby’s head!

Instead, pull it down. Watch this cute little video to learn more!

20. Pull out the Diaper Ruffle!

To avoid diaper leakage around the legs, make sure that the elastic around your baby’s thigh is snug-fitting (no gaps!) A diaper that is too large around the leg is a bad idea. It’s also best to pull out the “elastic ruffle” around the leg openings after securing the tape.

21. Color Stripe

New parents may not always realize this, but there is a color stripe on every disposal diaper now.

It’s easy to see a wet diaper before you open the tape by checking for the color stripe. (Yellow is dry, blue is wet)

This is extremely helpful during the first 2 weeks of baby’s life when it’s really important to track your newborn’s wet diapers. It’s not always easy to tell if your newborn has a wet diaper at times and this hack really helps!

22. Clean Diaper Trick

Before opening baby’s soiled diaper, place an opened clean diaper underneath the soiled diaper. Then remove old diaper and change as normal.

The clean diaper is ready in case your baby decides to “go” before you’re done with the diaper change!

23. Diaper Spatula

If the thought of getting diaper paste all over your fingers bothers you, then keep your hands clean by using a flexible diaper cream applicator like this instead of your finger!

24. Coconut Oil Baby Hack

This hack is great for the first couple days with a newborn. Those sticky meconium poops can be really difficult to wipe off.

Enter… coconut oil!

After each diaper change, grease your baby’s bottom with some coconut oil. This makes wiping them clean a breeze! Pack a small container in your hospital bag and you’re all set!

25. Tape Hack

Sometimes those tabs on the disposable diapers will accidentally rip off. DON’T throw away those expensive diapers! Instead, grab some painter’s tape or duct tape and you’re good to go!

26. DIY Bag Storage

If you don’t have a diaper pail, fill an empty baby wipe container with plastic grocery store bags for throwing away individual dirty diapers.

27. Waterproof Pads

Buy and use lots of waterproof changing pads and/or waterproof crib pads!

These can be used for so many purposes: changing baby on the couch, bed, for car trips, etc.

Protect your baby from nasty public diaper changing tables by placing them under your baby when in a public restroom.

They are also super handy for tummy time or under your baby’s head when you want to lay them safely on the floor or carpet. (Protects your baby and your carpet)

Waterproof pads are also great to place under you and baby during side-lying breastfeeding sessions. They also work great for protecting your bed from leaky breasts during the night!


Use the larger crib size pads and layer them with fitted crib sheets for fast middle-of-the-night sheet changes! Don’t use too many layers for safety reasons (a too-soft bed is not safe for baby sleep) and always finish each layer with a tight-fitting crib sheet!

Baby Boy Diaper Hacks

Have you heard (or noticed) that your baby boy will often pee during the diaper change? This often happens as soon as your little boy’s skin is exposed to the open air.

Try these three tricks to remedy this problem…

28. Baby Wipe Hack

Before removing the soiled diaper, gently wipe a cool baby wipe across your baby’s tummy (under his belly button). This will often encourage him to pee right away into the soiled diaper.

29. Burp the Diaper

Another method is to “burp” the baby’s diaper. To do this, open the baby’s (soiled) diaper and allow the air to reach his bottom. Then, quickly close up the diaper and allow him to pee into the old diaper!

30. Pee Protection Hack

If your baby boy still hasn’t peed using the above tips… place a baby wipe, dry cloth or dry baby washcloth over the tip of his penis. This won’t prevent him from peeing, but it will deflect and catch the pee so it doesn’t go everywhere!

…or if you’d prefer you can try these special pee-pee teepee guards that work great too!

Tummy Time Baby Hacks

(The video above is from BabyLeague 2017)

Baby not liking his tummy time? You are NOT alone!

Many babies (and parents) really HATE tummy time.

baby hacks

31. No-Floor Tummy Time!

Did you know that tummy time doesn’t need to be on the floor? In fact, your baby can have tummy time while being held! (See photo above)

Actually, there are even more no-floor tummy time methods. No tricks, no gimmicks… check out this post to learn more!

32. Mother’s Scent Hack

baby hacks

Babies are born with the ability to smell their mamas. It’s true!

Newborns have a well-developed sense of smell and are able to easily recognize their mother’s scent. This is very familiar and comforting to them, as well!

If you have an unwashed shirt or pillow case that you have recently used, you can use that item to comfort your baby and even help him sleep!

Here’s how…

If someone else is holding your baby, slip a shirt or pillow case that you have recently worn or used, over that person’s shoulder like a burp cloth.

Your baby will smell your scent and in most cases, be immediately comforted by your scent. Pretty cool, huh?

This trick can also be used for baby’s sleep. However, the shirt needs to be safely tucked in like a bed sheet to avoid any danger of covering baby’s face!

Another variation of this hack… take one of your baby’s onesies and stick it under your shirt. Tuck it into your bra and “wear” it under your shirt for a few hours or while napping or breastfeeding. (It’s even better if you happen to leak some breast milk onto the onesie!)

Then, dress the baby in the shirt and he will smell you as he sleeps!

9 More Helpful Baby Hacks…

(The video above is from As/Is 2014)

Over 40 great baby ideas and baby hacks for new parents. These baby tips will make your job as a new parent much easier! #babyhacks, #babytips, #babyideas

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