1. Lydia

    Can i just say that while these are great things to try but to remember that every baby is different.. my daughter is 4 months old now and absolutely hated being swaddled from day 1.

    The most important thing is to get to know your baby, try things out see what he likes and what he hates, i had to puy my baby on her tummy to sleep the first 2.5 months as she would not sleep any other way.. we tried so hard to get her to sleep on her back but she just couldn’t.. you as new parents need your sanity as well… while not everythin is recommended, if its the only way it works for your baby make it as safe as possible…

    • Karen

      Thanks so much for your comments, Lydia! I am glad that you figured out a way to get your sweet baby to sleep. You are correct in saying that every baby is different. Not only that, but mothers are always the “expert” for their baby, too. It’s more important to trust your gut (mommy instincts) when caring for your child. Most mothers are not confident in themselves when it comes to newborns, but you eventually get there! Thanks so much for visiting and for taking the time to comment. I appreciate that so much!

  2. Bianca

    Sleep routine and sound machine was exactly what helped us!
    We used amazing cruelty-free sleep training method from Susan Urban. It’s called Hold With Love so imagine how gentle it is. And first things she said was: white noise and swaddling! My little boy loves to be swaddled!
    I must also try out what you’re saying about feeding more during the day…

  3. Jessica

    Hello! Thank you for this great information! How do you recommend transitioning baby from sleeping in the bouncy chair to flat on her back in the bassinet or pack-and-play? Any tips would be appreciated! My daughter is 2 months old now and only sleeps (for both naps and overnight) in someone’s arms/on our chest, in the ergobaby carrier, or in her bouncy chair. Thank you!

    • Karen

      Hi Jessica! Great question. Transitioning is a process. I’d recommend starting with naps rather than overnights. Focus on gradually getting her used to the bassinet or pack-n-play. It also feels safer for a baby to be in a smaller space such as a bassinet. Try the mama scent trick! Take a t-shirt or pillow case that you have recently worn or used. Tuck it (tightly) over the bassinet mattress like a crib sheet. Your baby will recognize your scent and feel safer as if you are near. Make sure that when you lay her down, she is in a deep sleep state and use a sound machine and swaddle to help her feel safe. It also helps to place her head at the top of the bassinet, so she feels more “cuddled”. When a baby is placed in the middle of large crib, it can be very frightening for her. Babies like the feel of being held, so anything you can do to recreate that feeling is helpful. (as long as it’s safe)

      When laying her down, I also like to keep my hands on the baby’s chest and shoulders for awhile, so she feels the weight of my hands holding her. If she wakes up right away, try keeping your hands on her in this way until she relaxes and falls back to sleep. Sometimes “jiggling” your hands gently will help, too! Then, once you think she is asleep…. s l o w l y moving your hands off her. If she wakes up soon after, don’t be discouraged. Repeat. Keep doing this method as she gets more used to being there. It may take a few days or weeks, but it’s worth the effort and patience now! Hope this helps!

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