1. Emily

    I do think that teaching babies to fall asleep on their own is life changing! Whatever method a parent can stick to and what works for their baby is the right one to use! I can recommend the method from “How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone guide” by Susan Urban (got it here: https://www.parental-love.com/shop/baby-sleep-training ). The method is easy and fast.
    I sleep trained my three kids with this guide. After a few days, they were able to fall sleep on their own (before only rocking), they stopped waking up every hour to eat at night, and they started to nap longer (before training they both slept like 15 minutes, and that was it – they were exhausted all day). So the method seems to works on anything related to sleeping. I’ve also recommended the guide to all my friends with kids- always success in a few days so now I know for sure that the method works great and I can share it with other parents.
    So I encourage all parents to first of all try Susan Urban’s method and follow her instructions, and I bet any other method especially with CIO won’t be necessary.

    • Karen

      Thanks for your comment, Emily! I totally agree that parents need a plan of action and there are many sleep coaching books that are designed to help parents formulate that plan. Many of them have similar methods that really do work in helping a baby form new sleep associations. This book looks like a great option for babies past the newborn stage. I focus mainly on newborn sleep in my blog and I would recommend waiting to try “true” sleep coaching until baby is older, but it’s not too early to teach your baby sleep associations as many programs suggest. Although I have never read this particular book, I am familiar with the methods used. Thanks again for your comment. Much appreciated!

    • Rose

      Thank you for sharing your story and the link. After reading your recommendation, I purchased the guide and after only 3 days it helped me and my son to deal with sleep training! I love that this guide is short so I could read it in no time at all and get started. I still can’t really believe it, but it looks like we did it

    • Linda

      I also followed this guide with my both kids, and it went great! I was scared of sleep training but now I know it’s not that bad, you just need to use a suitable method and the HWL method is the one 🙂

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