How to plan a postpartum baby moon

How to Plan a Sweet Postpartum Baby Moon!

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Have you ever heard of a postpartum baby moon?

If you are pregnant and planning for a newborn … A postpartum baby moon is probably THE BEST GIFT that you can give yourself as you journey into motherhood.

… and for you dads and partners out there… it’s the absolute best gift that you can give to your baby’s mother!

A postpartum baby moon is the ultimate new mom self-care!

While many new mothers reach out for help and support during the newborn season, very few actually take the initiative to plan for a real postpartum baby-moon!

In this post, I’m going to explain why you need one and teach you exactly how to plan it…

How to plan a sweet postpartum baby moon.

What is a postpartum baby moon?

A postpartum baby moon is a vacation with your newborn… but, it’s also so much more! It’s a chance for mom and baby to get to know each other, bond and establish breastfeeding.

It’s also a time for new moms to rest and recover from pregnancy and childbirth.

In traditional societies, new mothers were expected to rest and recover up to 40 days after giving birth. New moms were treated as queens during this “lying-in” period. In some countries, this tradition is still wisely observed today!

Unfortunately, this is sadly NOT the case in the United States and many other developed countries. Instead, new moms are expected to “bounce back” from birth and even return to work within the first few weeks postpartum.

This is one reason that postpartum depression and other postpartum mood disorders are on the rise in western countries. It is also a contributing factor to the sad reality that the U.S. has the highest postpartum maternal mortality rate in the developed world.

Lack of rest may also lead to other postpartum complications and breastfeeding issues such as mastitis and low milk supply.

Fortunately, many of these complications can actually be avoided with proper rest during the 4th trimester. Yay!

How to avoid postpartum complications

If you want to avoid postpartum depression and other common postpartum issues, taking a postpartum baby moon is the best way to do that!

After pregnancy and birth, your body will need time to recover. Not only that, but you will need time to learn how to breastfeed, bond with your newborn and process your baby’s birth.

Unfortunately, our modern society doesn’t support this proper new mom and baby retreat.

So… you will need to take matters into your own hands and really fight for this precious time and learn to advocate for your own needs!

What is a postpartum baby-moon and why should plan one? Plus... step-by-step planning help for creating your own 15-day postpartum baby moon vacation with your newborn! #babymoon, #postpartum, #postpartumbabymoon

4 Reasons You Need a Postpartum Baby Moon…

Check out this video below to learn 4 Reasons Why You Need a Postpartum Baby Moon:

What to expect during your post-baby recovery

Do you know what to expect physically and emotionally after having a baby?

Most first-time moms don’t know what is normal and what can be expected.

While every mother’s experience will be different, there are some things that most women can expect to experience after giving birth.

Find out what you can expect during your postpartum recovery and how to get ready in this post.

How long should your “baby moon” last?

Many postpartum doulas agree that the best postpartum recovery plan is a 15-day recovery plan called the “5-5-5 Rule.”

During this time, your body gets time to rest. This extra time for rest and skin-to-skin bonding, gives your health and milk supply a HUGE boost!

Here’s how the 5-5-5 Rule works:

  • 5 days in the bed
  • 5 days on the bed
  • then 5 days near the bed

Learn more about the 5-5-5 Rule in this post.

How to Plan a Postpartum Baby Moon Vacation…

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How to plan a sweet postpartum baby moon.

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What is a postpartum baby-moon and why should plan one? Plus... step-by-step planning help for creating your own 15-day postpartum baby moon vacation with your newborn! #babymoon, #postpartum, #postpartumbabymoon

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