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Postpartum Recovery: The 5-5-5 Rule!

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How should you plan for your postpartum recovery?

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If you are pregnant and busy planning for your upcoming birth, don’t forget to plan for your postpartum recovery as well!

Many women fail to do so.

They spend hours pouring through pregnancy and childbirth blogs and books, but forget to learn about life with a newborn.

They also neglect to make a postpartum plan. This is a mistake that many parents later regret!

How to plan for your postpartum recovery

Plan for a Postpartum Recovery Time

The postpartum season can be a very challenging time.

Why? Because not only are you healing from pregnancy, labor and childbirth, but you are also trying to figure out how to care for your new baby on top of all that!

In addition, but most new parents are doing all this without much sleep!

Let’s face it. It is usually more difficult than most first-time parents anticipate.

The physical and emotional challenges can often come as a surprise to many first-time mothers.

I was one of those surprised moms!  Read my story here.

Because new parents are often not expecting these challenges, they don’t plan appropriately for enough recovery time.

Instead, some expect that they will jump right back into their normal routines and resume life as before baby.

But, lack of proper rest puts moms at greater risk for postpartum complications such as mastitis, urinary tract infections, postpartum endometritis or postpartum anxiety or depression.

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What Should Postpartum Recovery Look Like?

For centuries, many cultures around the world have observed a special “lying-in” period following the birth of a baby.

These periods of rest and recovery vary in length, but usually last for about 40 days.

In many of these traditions, older women from the community care for the new mothers.

Moms are only expected to rest, recover, nurse and bond with their babies. These new moms have no other responsibility!  What an awesome thing!

Similarly, in some European countries, lengthy maternity and paternity leave is enjoyed by new parents.

These paid leaves can sometimes last a year or more!

Sadly, in the United States, our new moms are not treated with such respect!

Rather, many women are expected to return to work or household duties before they are physically or emotionally ready.

Since our fast-paced society doesn’t encourage a proper “lying-in” period, I believe expectant moms need to take matters into their own hands!

The only way to do this is to plan ahead!

You are invited to download my free postpartum plan to help you get started with your postpartum recovery plan.

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Self-Care for New Mamas

The Importance of Postpartum Self-Care

You won’t be able to properly care for your newborn and family if you are not healthy.

New moms today can learn from the wisdom of these ancient practices and adopt a similar recovery plan for postpartum.

No, it is not selfish…. it is SELF-CARE and it is important for the whole family that you do so!

Learn more about new mom self-care in this post. 

I propose that every pregnant woman plans for a similar lying-in period with their new baby.

Some like to refer to this special time as their “Baby Moon”.

Whatever you call it, make sure that you include at least 2 weeks of true bed rest, bonding and recovery time!

Can you resume normal activities after 2 weeks?

Not yet!  But you will be well on your way to an awesome recovery and a plentiful milk supply!

Most childbirth professionals recommend 6-8 weeks of taking it easy before resuming normal pre-pregnancy activities, such as exercise or strenuous physical exertion.

postpartum recovery plan

The 5-5-5 Bed Rule for Postpartum Recovery!

Here is a great rule of thumb to keep in mind when making your postpartum plan.

It’s called the “5-5-5 Rule” and it is a postpartum recipe for success!

I prefer to call it the 5-5-5 BED Rule since it involves lots of bed rest.

So how does it work?

Simple. When planning for your “baby moon”, plan for 5 days IN the bed, 5 days ON the bed and 5 days NEAR the bed.

5 Days IN the Bed

As suggested, the first 5 days should be TOTALLY in bed.

Sure, you can sit up and watch TV or read if you’d like, but do so from the bed or couch.

The only “activities” in these first 5 days should be things that can be done from the bed or couch…sleep, nap, breastfeed, read, watch TV and rest, rest, rest.

In addition, take your sitz baths, drink LOTS of water and make sure that someone is feeding you plenty of healthy, real food!

Ideally, the first 5 days should also strictly limit visitors, so mom and baby can have plenty of skin-to-skin time while learning to breastfeed in private.

Without lots of visitors, mom (and dad) are free to nap as much as they want without worrying about entertaining company or listening for the door.

If you are comfortable with visitors, only allow visitors who can help with cooking or housework!

Check out my 25 rules for visiting a family with a newborn and share these rules with potential visitors!

Forget about doing stairs or getting dressed!

Stay in bed, sweet mama. Allow yourself to be served and pampered.

This is a very short and sweet time for you and your baby.

You will never get this time again with this baby, so savor it!

Skin to skin helps with postpartum recovery and bonding

5 Days ON the Bed

The next 5 days, you can be up and about a bit more, but make sure that the majority of your day is still in bed!

What does this look like exactly?

I would suggest that you limit your “up” time to 30 minutes every 2 hours.

So, 30 minutes up and 90 minutes in bed again. (or resting on the couch)

Remember, you will be up a lot at night with your baby, so you will need this rest.

A lot of moms find it helpful to stay in their pajamas or lounge clothing.

Getting dressed makes it too tempting to start doing things again!

Another benefit of staying in your sleep clothes is that your guests won’t stay as long!

They will see you in your bath robe and assume that you are not up for long visits. (This will probably be true!)

DO NOT plan on outings outside the house yet, except for maybe a very short 10 minute stroll to get some fresh air.

Better yet, sit outside in a soft, comfy chair instead!

You will have plenty of time for exercise in the days and weeks to come!

If you are starting to feel a little “stir-crazy” resist the temptation to go out and invite some friends over instead.

Everyone will be really excited to see your new baby, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding visitors!

Don’t forget the skin-to-skin time with your baby, too.

Whether breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, your baby will LOVE this special cuddle time with Mom!

Skin-to-skin has so many benefits for both mom AND baby.

It is a great way to relax and will really help to balance your post-birth hormones too!

During these 5 days, make sure you plan for plenty of this special bonding time!

Postpartum recovery

5 Days NEAR the Bed

Okay, so this brings us to the next 5 days…. Stay NEAR the bed!

What does this mean?

I would suggest that half your day is still resting or napping, preferably ON your bed.

I would highly recommend that you limit your “up” time to one hour before resting again.

Does this mean long outings with the baby?

Not yet!  Remember, the idea is to stay NEAR the bed. Not miles away.

Short strolls around the block and in-home activities that do not involve physical exertion are best during this time…. making puzzles, craft projects, movie marathons, etc. You get the idea, right?

Leave the chores to your family members and friends.

If you are dying to do something productive besides feeding your baby, fold laundry or pay bills while sitting on the couch, but nothing more!

Continue skin-to-skin during this time along with plenty of snuggle and breastfeeding time with your newborn.

Don’t be concerned if your nursing baby wants to eat constantly.

This is very normal for a baby of this age and those long cluster-feeding sessions will really pay off with better milk supply and night time sleep in the weeks to come!

How is This Even Possible??!!!

Okay, I know what you’re thinking…

  • How can I take this much time off?
  • We don’t have that much help!
  • I have older children or pets to care for!
  • I’m not a planner or organizer! 

Fortunately, there are MANY women who have already successfully taken a 15-Day Postpartum Baby-Moon  (yes…even with older children, pets and other responsibilities)

The truth is…

If you want to have this special time with your newborn and if make it a priority…. YOU CAN TOO!!! 

Please check out my online course/workshop to get started:

How to Plan a Postpartum Baby-Moon and LOVE Your 4th Trimester: Expert Planning Help for Creating the Ultimate Postpartum Self-Care Plan! 

How Do I Know if I’m Over-Doing It ?

If you follow these suggestions for the 5-5-5 rule, you will not be overdoing it during the first 2 weeks!

However, if you begin to think that you can resume normal activities at the 2-3 week mark, you may experience a significant physical or emotional set back.

Fortunately, our bodies will “speak” to us about this.

Listen to your body!

If you feel tired, make sure that you nap during the day.

If you notice that your lochia discharge is getting heavier again instead of tapering off, that is a really strong indicator that you are overdoing it!

Pay attention to this signal and you may prevent a serious postpartum complication.

I made this mistake with three of my babies and I paid for it with some terrible mastitis that almost landed me in the hospital!

Postpartum Recovery

Get Plenty of Sleep!

One of the best ways that you can care for yourself and ensure a speedy postpartum recovery is to make sleep a priority.

Although this may seem impossible with a newborn who needs to eat every 2-3 hours at first, there are several things new parents can do to make sure that they get enough sleep.

I have written a post about new parent sleep here.

If you implement these 4 New Parent Sleep Hacks, you will find it much easier to get the sleep you need, even with a newborn!

More Sleep Tips for Parents

For more help in the sleep department, please check out my new eBook!

This is NOT a sleep training book, but a hands-on survival guide for new parents.

I teach new parents how to maximize their sleep during the postpartum period.

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Do you have any postpartum recovery tips to share with new moms?

I’d love to hear your story!

Please share in the comments to help other moms as they prepare for their little ones.

Thank you so much!

The Best Postpartum Recovery Plan

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  1. I am so happy to have found your blog, specifically this post and the one for visitors. I am pregnant with my second boy. My first loves to be active, leaving the house, and does not nap anymore. Any tips or recommendations for how to have a proper postpartum recovery while still caring for my toddler? He will be 3 in December, so although he is mostly independent, he still asks for help often and wants to play.

    1. Hi Anna! This is always a tough thing to navigate! The only way to get proper rest with a newborn AND a toddler/preschooler is to have help. I am a huge advocate for planning. When you create your postpartum plan, make sure that you line up help the first 2 weeks (more if you can!) with someone who can help with housework as well as your preschooler. At the very least, someone to “hold down the fort” while you take a nap each day. Have you seen my post about how to prioritize sleep during the 4th trimester? These tips may help! Congratulations and I wish you the best!

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