pregnancy nesting

5 Pregnancy Nesting Tips for New Moms

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Pregnancy nesting is a real thing.

Are you beginning to get the organizing and cleaning itch? 

Do you have an overwhelming need to get the nursery and home ready for your baby? 

Many pregnant mamas would say, “yes” and this is totally normal! 

If you are feeling this nesting urge, then you may be looking for ideas or inspiration for getting your home ready for a new baby. 

This post is for you! 

Pregnancy nesting

What is Pregnancy Nesting? 

Nesting is the term used to describe the overwhelming or compelling need for an expectant mother to get her home ready for a new baby. 

The nesting instinct in pregnancy is quite common. 

Not all pregnant women experience this pregnancy nesting instinct, but many do! 

Nesting often occurs during the final weeks of pregnancy, but can occur anytime during pregnancy. 

pregnancy nesting

Are You Nesting? 

If you are more energetic than usual and wanting to clean or organize your home, you may be experiencing the nesting instinct! 

You may want to take on a big project such as painting the nursery, organizing or deep cleaning your entire house or even freezing dozens of meals for your postpartum recovery. 

Or, you may just want to tackle a smaller project such as organizing the baby clothes. 

Take advantage of this energy and adrenaline to get some of these projects done, but DON’T OVER DO IT!! 


Pregnancy Nesting Precautions 

Even with the extra surge of energy, take care not to overdo it! 

Avoid lifting heavy objects, climbing ladders, and harsh cleaning chemicals. 

Don’t wear yourself out! Especially if labor could be soon. 


pregnancy nesting instinct

5 Nesting Tips for Pregnancy


1. Learn to delegate

Just because you want to get stuff done, does not mean that you have to do it all yourself! 

You will need to delegate lots of tasks during your postpartum recovery, so you might as well get used to that now! 

In addition to asking family or friends to help, you may also wish to consider hiring out some help. 

Hiring jobs such as cleaning, painting or yard work might be an option for you. 

You can even add a house-cleaning service to your gift list or baby registry


Pregnancy Nesting Tips for New Moms

2. Make Room for Baby! 

One thing you will notice soon enough is that a baby (and all the baby “stuff”) doesn’t all fit into that cute little nursery that you are now busy decorating. 

In fact, all that cute little baby “stuff” will soon be taking over your entire house! 

You will need to make room. 

Where will you put the car seat, baby swing, tummy time mat, or changing station? 

How about all the bottles and pump parts? They will soon take over your kitchen counters. 

Look around your tiny apartment or crowded living space and figure out what you want to do. 

Even if you don’t get all the extra baby paraphernalia that I’ve mentioned, you will still need storage space for the necessary baby supplies such as diapers, baby clothes, burp cloths and blankets, right? 

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be! 

It’s time to get organized and having a plan will help. 

Decide today that you will spend a few minutes each day getting organized and tackling some of those “hot spots” in your home. Don’t worry, we all have them! 

Would you like some help to get started? 

I have a great idea for you… 


Organizing Help is Here! 

One of my blogging friends, Hilary, has put together this great little course designed to help moms, like you, establish routines to keep your home and family more organized. 

This is a course for all moms (including nesting moms!)

If you would like to get some cleaning and organizing routines in place before your baby arrives, this is a great course for you! 

It’s also a very manageable approach to organizing and cleaning…. I promise! 

Once you get these Family Routines established in your home, you can benefit from them for years to come! 

I like that she teaches you how to get your whole family involved and gives you some really great tools to help you get organized and stay organized! 

It’s also a very affordable course… a great value for what you get, so I’m excited to share it will you!! 


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3. Use Safe, Non-Toxic Cleaning Products! 

Don’t risk hurting your baby or yourself by breathing in any harsh chemicals. 

I recommend using all-natural products that are safe and effective. 

Since everything that touches our skin can get absorbed, it’s never a good idea to use harsh chemicals for cleaning… especially when pregnant! 

Check out these homemade cleaning products that can be made safely and easily in your own kitchen! 


pregnancy nesting ideas


4. Plan for Postpartum!  Get my FREE Course! 

Having a newborn is exhausting! You will be awake quite a bit at night feeding your baby.

Not only that, but your body will be recovering from childbirth and possibly major surgery. 

After your baby’s birth, you will need LOTS of rest and recovery time. 

Because of this, take advantage of your nesting energy NOW and plan ahead! 




5. Make Sure You are Ready – Check out this Pregnancy Planning Master To-Do List 

I have written this post that lists all the necessary pregnancy planning for each trimester. 

Make sure that you are on track and ready when it’s “go time!” 


pregnancy nesting


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For more great pregnancy planning tips, you will love this post with TONS of ideas and resources for other pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum planning!  



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