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This course was written by a certified postpartum doula!

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I wrote this course because many expectant parents are totally unprepared for life AFTER childbirth.

They spend hours during pregnancy preparing for childbirth, but fail to plan for postpartum and life with a newborn.

I want to help you get ready and this course shows you how!

It includes tips for planning your “baby moon”, getting your home organized, writing your postpartum plan, finding help, pre-baby shopping lists, strategies for better postpartum sleep and much more!

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Get expert help to write your postpartum plan with this FREE email mini-course! Course includes lots of FREE printable worksheets and checklists to get you started planning for a peaceful 4th trimester and enjoyable "baby moon" with your newborn. #postpartum, #postpartumplan, #4thtrimester, #newborn, #babymoon