Are you wondering what to wear during your postpartum recovery? Get these great wardrobe tips and ideas for new moms. Here's how you can "dump the frump" and look chic and stylish instead! Plus many great tips for dressing comfortable and cute during your 4th trimester! #postpartum, #postpartumwardrobe, #4thtrimester, #nursingclothes, #newmomclothing

What to Wear Postpartum: Cute and Trendy 2020 New Mom Fashions!

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Are you are looking for ideas for what to wear postpartum?

Worried about looking frumpy in your old baggy sweatshirt and pajama pants?

Look no further… help is here!

Keep Scrolling for 4th Trimester Style Tips for Postpartum Mamas!

If you are reading this, you are probably a new mama or mom-to-be. Congratulations!!

As you probably know by now, your post-baby body will take some time to heal and recover from pregnancy and birth.

Your body won’t bounce back that fast and that’s totally okay! Learn what you can expect during those early weeks after baby in this post.

Give yourself at least a 6 week “grace period” and plan on taking a 4th trimester baby moon with your newborn.

Remember that your uterus will take about 6-8 weeks to shrink back to it’s normal pre-pregnancy size and your body may even take longer!

The good news?

There are so many cute trendy postpartum clothing styles that will help you feel pretty and fashionable, even if you can’t get back into your favorite pair of skinny jeans right away!

New Mommy Pep Talk!

Please go easy on yourself during this newborn season, okay?

Your body has just accomplished an amazing thing: It has grown and birthed another human being!

For nine months your body has nourished and supported that life, given birth to your child and now continues to support and nourish that beautiful life!

We moms tend to forget what a HUGE DEAL that is!

New mom wearing a cute outfit after baby. What to wear postpartum? Tips for new moms for post baby body.

Give your body time to heal and recover as pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding takes a lot out of you!

Don’t be so hard on yourself! On top of still needing to heal from pregnancy and childbirth, you are missing sleep to feed your baby.

Instead of looking at your post-baby body with disgust or shame, be proud of what your body has just done!

Wear that “baby belly” proudly, dear mama, and give yourself time to heal!

Get some great tips for what to wear during your postpartum trimester!
Fight “the frump” with these great postpartum wardrobe ideas!

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What to Wear Postpartum: Tummy-Support Leggings!

Stretch Pull-on Jeggings

Tummy-Control Slimming Leggings

Nothing beats an over-sized comfy shirt with a stretchy pair of leggings for postpartum comfort.

They can be worn with lounge clothing or dressed up for a night out with friends (and baby!)

Check out these stretchy and stylish options that are specially designed to support your post-baby belly!

What to Wear Postpartum: Over-sized Tops that Style!

Front Knot Casual Top

Get comfy and cozy with these adorable over-sized trendy shirts. Who says new moms need to look frumpy?

These are super cute and loose-fitting for maximum comfort. Layer them over a nursing tank for more support and easier nursing.

Twist Tunic T-Shirt

Over-sized Off Shoulder Sweater Tee

Sleeveless Tunic Top

Cuff-Sleeve Nursing Blouse

What to Wear Postpartum: Lovely Layering Pieces!

What to wear postpartum

The secret to comfort and style while breastfeeding during your 4th trimester is keeping it layered.

Not only does this layering trend keep your abdomen covered while nursing, it also provides much-needed postpartum belly support.

Nursing Camis

These are my picks for the best nursing camis! (They have a built-in nursing bra, too!)

They are long enough (really) to cover your baby bump and post-baby belly and they offer comfy support during and after your pregnancy.

And the best part…

They provide gentle but firm support and covering for your tummy and that feels really good!

Multi-Functional Nursing Shawls

This nursing shawl is a nursing cover, shawl, scarf and car seat cover all in one! Score!

Slouchy Cardigans and More!

Loose-Fit Chunky Cardigan

Cardigans, ponchos, jackets, tanks, tees and kimonos are perfect layering pieces!

When dressing for postpartum, they can double as a nursing wrap too. Win win!

Maternity Sleeveless Tanks

Nursing Dress for Layering

This is my favorite nursing dress for layering or wearing solo. Such an easy style for discreet breastfeeding, too!

Pair with a nursing scarf, cardigan, or colorful shawl for modesty and classy style!

Lounge and Sleepwear

Sexy Front-Opening Night Shirt

This beautiful sleep shirt will pair well with leggings or yoga pants and you’ll look and feel gorgeous in or out of bed!

I like the easy front buttons for breastfeeding mamas, too!

Draw-String Shorts

Postpartum Wardrobe Tips

These additional tips will help you as you think about your new clothing needs once baby arrives.

Wear dark coloring

Dark colors are more slimming since they don’t catch the light and won’t accent your shape as much as light colors do.

An added bonus: They are more forgiving when you need to spot clean some baby spit up off your clothes or you experience some postpartum bleeding leaks down under. (Keeping it real!)

Stretchy is Your Friend

Make sure that you have plenty of stretchy bottoms like this stretchy midi skirt.

Stretchy Maxi Skirt

Stretchy Yoga Pants

Keep it Loose!

You’ll feel much more comfortable with looser clothing. But that doesn’t mean you need to feel frumpy!

Treat yourself to a this cute jumpsuit or these comfy sweatpants for lounging and cuddling with your baby.

Re-purpose Your Maternity Clothes

Don’t pack away those maternity clothes just yet!

Many of them will feel really comfortable about now and besides…. most maternity styles are designed for this type of double-duty.

Don’t be ashamed to wear them proudly for a few more weeks… Remember… you’ve earned that postpartum baby belly!

Best Style Tip: Wear Your Baby!

Many moms report that they feel most comfortable out in public when they actually wear their baby!

Baby-wearing is not only good for mother-baby bonding, milk supply, baby sleep etc. etc. but did you know that your baby will hide your postpartum tummy insecurities when you wear him?

Haha…. it’s true!

Mom and baby were meant to be close and you’ll both feel better when you are together! Enjoy those cuddles and wear your baby!

Here’s my favorite baby-wearing wrap.

My Favorite New Mama Clothing Accessories

Here are more of my favorite picks for postpartum and breastfeeding necessities. Don’t forget to stock up on these. You’ll be glad you did!

Washable Nursing Pads

…Because leaks in public WILL happen! (especially if you don’t have them)

This is a trusted brand of washable nursing pads that I love!

Pretty Postpartum Panties

Why postpartum undies, you ask?

Well, first of all, they are dark. That’s important if you want to save your “good” panties from the inevitable.

Also, this style is designed to be super soft and comfy for a healing incision (should you have an unexpected cesarean.)

Soft, Organic Cotton Nursing Bra

Do yourself a favor and get yourself a soft, comfortable nursing bra!

Your breasts will probably be very tender during those first few weeks and you’ll really appreciate a bra like this to give you gentle support without binding or squeezing you!

I also really love that it is 91% organic cotton!

Infinity Nursing Scarf

What to wear postpartum
Infinity Nursing Scarf

Make sure that your nursing cover-up is soft and breathable like this beautiful infinity scarf.

Most mamas and babies really appreciate this cooler cover scarf, too!

Not only that, but babies are known for pulling off nursing blankets when they get a bit older. This scarf really helps mamas to nurse discretely in public!

Infinity Nursing Scarf

Dump the frump and look stylish and beautiful during your postpartum recovery. Learn some cute and functional clothing tricks and see what's trending in new mom and breastfeeding fashions! #breastfeedingclothing, #postpartumclothes, #postpartum, #4thtrimester

What About You?

What are your favorite postpartum fashion wardrobe pieces? Let us know in the comments!

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