• Karen

      Yes! Swaddling is amazing! I have a post about swaddling and have included it in several other posts for baby hacks and tips. This post was exclusively parent hacks, so I didn’t discuss swaddling here. But you are definitely correct that swaddling helps babies sleep! Thanks for the comment, Beth, and thanks for visiting my blog!!

  1. Ashley

    Excellent hacks!! Its all what I have been doing already… great validation, thank you!
    I have been “mom shamed” for co-sleeping but we all get the rest we need so what’s the harm really?! Baby is happy and I love having my newborn with me to snuggle, he will only be a new born for a short period so need to soak it all up. I will read your other posts, th am you for sharing this!

    • Karen

      I totally agree, Ashley!! As long as co-sleeping is done safely, I think it can be a real game changer!!! Thanks so much for visiting and I hope that you find lots of help with your precious newborn on my website! Give him a snuggle and kiss from me!!

  2. Payton

    What if I want baby to sleep in cosleeper next to bed but he wakes up almost immediately crying and then is up for hours before I can get him back to sleep because he’s so upset. AND he does the same thing in our bed. The only way he’ll sleep is in our arms so I’m consistently having to sleep with him in a rocker. I’m not well rested, and I don’t feel like it’s safe, but it’s the only way he will sleep. We’ve tried swaddling, white noise, all those type of suggestions. It’s been 7 weeks and we are exhausted. We don’t have family to help and can’t afford hiring someone. I love all your articles and have implemented the “learning baby’s sleep cues” which have helped him sleep more during the day and all but stopped any night fussiness! Hoping you have good ideas for this…

    • Karen

      Thanks for your comment, Payton. I am so sorry to hear that things are so rough! What you describe is so very common with newborns. Knowing this might help a bit, but doesn’t change the fact that you all need sleep!! I do have some ideas for you and we can chat more if you’d like. Feel free to email me at Karen@healthymamahacks.net and we can discuss further!

    • I remember hearing about a friend who got his sister’s baby to sleep by doing an ayurvedic technique of giving the baby an all over oil massage to calm him down and put him to sleep. Might be worth a try. If anything, a few times might get him used to it and then if you barely start to do it again, he might remember it as his cue to sleep. Just an idea…

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