Natural Postpartum Kit Checklist

Healthy Mama’s DIY 100% Natural Postpartum Kit Checklist!

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Are you looking for a natural postpartum kit checklist or do you want to know how to create a DIY postpartum essentials kit?

If you are interested in natural remedies for postpartum healing, then you have come to the right place today!


Before you begin packing your hospital bag or creating your postpartum plan, make sure that you see my top recommendations for the best all-natural postpartum care products!

I am very picky about the skin care products that I personally use or recommend.

…and YOU should be too!


Because much of what comes into contact with our skin can eventually get absorbed into our blood stream. (source)

So, I recently went on the hunt for all-natural, safe and effective postpartum care products that I feel good about recommending to naturally-minded new mamas!

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While there are certainly lots of postpartum products for sale on the internet, there are only a few that are truly natural, chemical-free and deserving of my endorsement.

In this post, I’ll reveal my top picks for my natural postpartum kit checklist.

You can also print out a FREE POSTPARTUM ESSENTIALS CHECKLIST (later in the post) to get you started as you begin preparations for your 4th trimester!

What postpartum products have made the cut?

Keep reading to find out…

Get this FREE natural postpartum kit checklist! Skip the chemicals, preservatives and other "nasties" and get these organic postpartum care products recommended by a postpartum doula instead.  #postpartum, #4thtrimester, #postpartumkit, #postpartumrecovery

Natural Postpartum Kit Checklist: TLC for Your Postpartum Body!

After birth, your whole body will need time to heal. Read this post to learn more about what to expect during your postpartum recovery.

You will probably feel extra sensitive for a while, too. (emotionally and physically!)

Many postpartum mamas have told me that they experience a noticeable reaction to perfumes and scents during this time, too.

Since these personal care products will be making close contact with your breasts, perineum, abdomen and other sensitive body parts, I HIGHLY suggest avoiding the products that include chlorine, perfumes, preservatives and nasty ingredients that you cannot even pronounce!

If you have a hospital birth, you will be sent home with a bag of essential postpartum pads and personal care products.

While this might seem great at first, many of these products will be ones that you will want to pass on if you are trying to avoid dyes, perfumes, chlorine, preservatives, parabens, etc.

So what should you use instead?

Well, I have done the research for you and am here today with some of my favorite recommendations for postpartum care products (and DIY recipes) that are truly safe and chemical-free!

If you take the time before birth to prepare your stash of natural postpartum products, you will be much better off!

16 Postpartum Essentials for Your Natural Postpartum Kit Checklist

Here are my top picks for YOUR all-natural postpartum care kit…

…drum roll please!

1. Chlorine-Free Maxi Pads

Extra long pads are probably the most essential thing that you’ll need on your natural postpartum kit checklist!

Make sure that your pads are chlorine-free, chemical-free and perfume-free like these. I especially like this brand because they are also plastic-free, GMO-free and made with organic cotton.

2. Postpartum Bath Salts

natural postpartum kit checklist

You’ll be so glad that you stocked up on sitz bath supplies!

Sitz baths are soooooo wonderful during the first few days after childbirth!

You can either make my favorite healing bath salt recipe or check out this brand of ready-made postpartum bath salts if you aren’t the DIY type!

What is a postpartum sitz bath? Find out more in this post.

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3. Witch Hazel Cooling Pads

Pass on the parabens and preservatives in the hospital’s witch hazel pads and use these instead!

Witch hazel brings cooling relief to swelling, itching and pain (down under) and these pads are very easy to make and use!

After using the toilet, rinse yourself off with your cleansing bottle. Then douse one of these pads with alcohol-free witch hazel and gently place it next to your stitches, swollen skin or hemorrhoids. Ahhhhh!

They can go right inside your maxi pad, but next to your skin.

You only need 2 ingredients to make your own witch hazel pads:

  1. Organic cotton pads
  2. Alcohol-free Witch Hazel

4. Arnica Montana

One of my all-time favorite natural remedies for postpartum healing is homeopathic arnica montana!

This homeopathic medicine is near the top of my natural postpartum kit checklist for good reason!

I use it for all kinds of bumps, bruises, sore muscles, sprains, strains, aches and pains! (and not just during postpartum!!)

If you have kids, you absolutely NEED arnica!

Back to postpartum… try arnica for your sore muscles, body aches, stiffness, afterbirth cramping, breast pain, perineum soreness, baby blues, or anxiety.

5. Postpartum Cleansing Bottle

Most hospitals provide these cleansing bottles, but make sure that you ask because you DON’T want to be without one!

6. Homemade Padsicles

Padsicles are super popular right now and for good reason… they feel amazing when you are recovering from a vaginal birth!

A “padsicle” is a maxi pad that has been sprayed with a solution of witch hazel, essential oils and/or herbal tea, then frozen and saved for the days immediately following your baby’s birth.

These fancy homemade ice packs are great herbal cooling pads that serve double-duty as an ice pack and maxi pad in one!

For my favorite padsicle recipe you’ll need:

How to Make the Padsicle “Tea”:

  1. Seep a large handful of dried lavender in 1 cup boiling water for 30 minutes. (Cover cup with a plate or seep in a jar with lid to retain valuable essential oils.) Cool and Strain.
  2. Mix together in a spray bottle the tea, 1 cup witch hazel and 4 tablespoons aloe gel. Shake well.

How to Make the Padsicles:

  1. Spray a thin, even layer over the maxi pads. (Pads should feel damp but not soaked, so they are still absorbent.)
  2. Fold the pads and place them into freezer bags and store in your freezer until needed.
  3. Keep the leftover padsicle “tea” for your homemade bottom spray! If you make this ahead, I’d recommend storing the leftover solution in your freezer. Defrost it when baby is born to keep it fresh.

7. Chemical-Free Postpartum Cooling Spray

Earth Mama Organics does it again with this organic herbal bottom spray!

Skip the parabens, butane, propellants, and artificial fragrances that can be found in other popular brands. (what???)

This herbal spray is a much safer alternative!

I personally preferred soaking in herbal sitz baths but it does come in handy in between baths!


You can also use the leftover padsicle tea recipe (above) as a super easy DIY bottom spray! You’re welcome.

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8. Organic Moisturizing Lotion

Do you know what’s in YOUR lotion bottle?

Read the label and find out if your lotion is made with any of these 5 dangerous ingredients.

Petroleum-based products, parabens, artificial fragrances, or hormone disrupting ingredients like these do not belong in our skin-care products!

Moisturizing lotion can be one of the most toxic skin care products.

Think about it.

You spread it all over your body and it soaks into your skin like a sponge!

This is my favorite line of natural skin care products. You can choose from scented (with essential oils) or unscented lotions, hair products, lip moisturizer, soaps, insect repellent, sun screen, etc.

This company also has cleaning products, coconut oil, tested glyphosate-free products, organic food and much more. No fake or toxic ingredients. Yay! Check them out here.

9. Postpartum Panties

Okay, maybe not an essential item if you already have old, stretched out underwear that you don’t really care about!

But, here’s my top pick for postpartum panties.

I like them because they are soft, stretchy, and dark colored. (because leaks will happen)

Save your good panties and use these instead.

10. Food-Sourced Prenatal Vitamins

It’s really important to continue taking your prenatal vitamins during the 4th trimester.

Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and healing take so much energy out of your body!

Instead of the synthetic vitamins that are usually prescribed during pregnancy, consider a natural, food-sourced prenatal vitamin instead!

Check out this post about the importance of taking a “real food” prenatal vitamin and my recommendations for the best prenatal vitamins!

11. Nipple Cream

Many lactation professionals recommend using your own expressed breast milk to heal your sore nipples, but I know lots of nursing mamas who swear by nipple cream!

Here’s a great organic nipple cream that you might like to have in your postpartum care kit.

12. Water, Water, Water Bottles!

Did I mention water?

Avoid constipation, urinary tract infections, low-milk supply, exhaustion and a whole host of other postpartum complications by staying hydrated!

You’ll also be surprised how thirsty you will get while breastfeeding!

Make sure that you have a large cup or water bottle with a straw for breastfeeding. I prefer glass or stainless steel like these. This set is great so you can set up water stations all over your house!

13. This Breastfeeding Pocket Guide for your Phone!

Add this great pocket guide to your natural postpartum kit checklist!

I just discovered this brand new breastfeeding resource published in 2019 that I absolutely LOVE!

So why is this eBook on my list of postpartum essentials?

Because it’s like having a lactation consultant in your pocket!

Why do I recommend it?

Five reasons…

1. It’s a quick & easy read that is PACKED with everything you need to know about breastfeeding … in SMALL. DIGESTIBLE. BITES!

2. The author takes you day-by-day through the first week of breastfeeding and then week-by-week for the first 6 weeks! After that she walks you through each month of your baby’s first year.

3. This eBook is well-organized! It is easy to find the information that you need when you need it. (What to expect each month, what’s normal, what’s not, how to know if my baby is getting enough, how to recognize growth spurts, along with up-to-date, evidence-based breastfeeding tips for each week and month!

4. You can download Breastfeed Like a Boss to your phone or tablet and have it ready whenever you need it!

5. It’s really affordable…. NO... REALLY!

14. 4th Trimester Freezer Meals

Make sure to add "freezer meals" onto your natural postpartum kit checklist!

Okay, so these can’t exactly go into your postpartum kit, but how about creating a freezer stash of healthy meals while you’re nesting during pregnancy?

I put freezer meals on this checklist because having healthy, nourishing meals during your postpartum recovery is essential to your healing and milk supply!

I love this healthy freezer meal bundle because it comes with 100+ easy recipes, shopping lists, cooking tips, and labels to freeze dozens of healthy meals in a flash!

This company also has great freezer recipes for vegetarians, keto, gluten-free, dairy-free and other allergy-free diets!

What are you waiting for… get cookin!!!!

15. Organic Washable Breast pads!

Make sure that you get some really great nursing pads to catch the drips and avoid embarrassing leaks! These organic re-usable nursing pads are my first pick for a healthy, environmentally-friendly and economical nursing pad.

16. Water-Proof Bed Pads

Something you may not think about, but you will be SO glad you got bed protection!

These waterproof pads for your bed will protect your mattress from bleeding, breast leaks and baby spit up/diaper leaks. Trust me… leaks will happen!

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    Best Postpartum Recovery Plan!

    Speaking of postpartum recovery? Have you considered planning a postpartum baby-moon?

    A postpartum baby-moon is a sweet vacation with your newborn! It’s an opportunity to rest, recovery and bond with your sweet baby…It’s the ultimate postpartum self-care!

    As a postpartum doula, I have seen so many new parents struggle with the early weeks of recovery and parenting. 🙁

    However, with proper planning and support, you can have a much easier recovery and adjustment to being a new mom.

    How to Plan a Postpartum Baby-Moon and LOVE Your 4th Trimester!

    Since many new parents are unable to hire a postpartum doula, I have created a very affordable online planning course to help. Find out how this course can help you!

    What are YOUR Recommendations for a Natural Postpartum Kit Checklist?

    I’d love to hear from you!

    What are some of your all-time favorite postpartum products or what would you recommend in a postpartum survival kit?

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