Practical gift ideas for new moms!

Practical Gift Ideas for New Moms!

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Check out these very practical gift ideas for new moms! She will LOVE them!!

Get some great practical gift ideas for new moms!

Do you have a new mom on your holiday gift list this year?

Or maybe you just want some great year-round gift ideas for a new mom in your life?

Perhaps you are a new mom (or mom-to-be) and you’d like some ideas to put on your own holiday wish list.

Look no further!

Here are some great new mom gift ideas to share with your friends and family…


Practical Gift Ideas for New Moms

Do you want to give the new mom in your life a gift that she will really love?

Make it practical and truly useful… not just a trinket to sit on her shelf and collect dust, but something she will really use every day!

This post is full of gift ideas for new moms that go beyond just “normal” gifts.

I’ve included lots of thoughtful, non-traditional suggestions for service gifts as well!

Keep scrolling to see trending new mom clothing ideas, food ideas, service ideas and much more!

Here we go…


Earth Mama Organics New Mom & Baby Products

Organic Nipple Butter

One of my favorite new mom product lines is Earth Mama Organics.

They make lots of great products for new moms and babies.

If you are interested in organic and pure ingredients, check out their line of organic products for pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding and baby care!

Shop Earth Mama


Specially Designed Water Bottle for Breastfeeding Moms

This water bottle actually tracks a new mom’s water intake.  Easy to transport and use! Buy it here.


Front-opening Nursing Gown

This soft, breathable, cotton night gown will make her postpartum body feel pretty. Easy opening buttons for breastfeeding ease. Can also be worn with leggings or yoga pants for added warmth.


Multi-Purpose Nursing Cover, Car Seat Cover, Infinity Scarf and More!


When considering gift ideas for new moms, take a look at this highly versatile new mom item!

This award-winning multi-purpose nursing cover is a “must have” for new moms!

Not only is this a nursing cover up and infinity scarf, but it’s also a car seat cover, stroller cover, high chair cover and even a shopping cart cover!

With many new moms interested in a more minimalist lifestyle today, this gift idea is sure to please!


Nursing Tanks

One of the hottest new mom clothing trends today!

nursing tank makes breastfeeding in public much easier.

These camis can be layered or worn alone.

In addition, they provide much needed abdominal shaping during pregnancy and postpartum.


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New Mommy T-Shirt

Check out this selection of new parent t-shirts and sweatshirts that she will be sure to LOVE!


Beautiful Maternity/Nursing Holiday Dresses

Little Black Dress


Nursing Dress – available in 9 colors!

Beautiful and practical holiday dresses that can be worn during pregnancy and after!

These comfortable dresses have built-in nursing tops for easy breastfeeding and look great alone or layered with her favorite sweater!


Fashion Teething Necklace

Babies love teething on their mother’s jewelry!

Why not give her these beautiful baby-safe teethers that are both functional and fashionable… I love these!


Postpartum Leggings

These high-wasted support leggings are perfect for a new mom!

They offer great support for a post-baby belly that will help her look and feel prettier.

Pare them with one of the beautiful holiday dresses (above) for a great look!


Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Who wouldn’t love a remote-controlled vacuum robot?

This will save the new mom both time and energy!

A new mom will love the fact that she can vacuum while resting or feeding her baby, too!


Baby Memory Book

This memory book is a short, easy-to-use book for new moms. It is not the typical time-consuming baby memory book that becomes burdensome and overwhelming for new parents.


What to Expect the First Year with Baby

Who says that babies don’t come with instruction manuals?

They apparently have not seen this book!

Help out the new mom by getting her this great book! 


Homemade Herbal Bath Salts Recipe

Great practical gift ideas for new moms!

Nothing beats a postpartum sitz bath made with healing Dead Sea salts during postpartum recovery!

Make up a batch before she gives birth and give it in a cute mason jar. She will adore you for it!


Give Her the Gift of Sleep!

Sleep deprivation is the #1 complaint of new mothers.

Give her some sleep help!

Here’s a great little sleep book that teaches new parents how to optimize their sleep with a newborn.

This eBook teaches new parents great strategies and tips for how to survive the newborn season without being sleep-deprived.

Since it’s an eBook, it will be very easy for her to read on her phone while feeding her baby or relaxing.

A must-read for new moms! Get it here.


For the “Crunchy” Mom on your Gift List!

Many new moms are interested in drug-free solutions for caring for their families.
If you have a new mom on your gift list who is interested in natural remedies, this homeopathic remedy kit is a great start on her learning journey!
I often give remedy kits to new moms on my gift list and I highly recommend this one!
The kit comes with a simple instruction manual for beginners and includes the most common remedies for minor infant and children issues such as colic, reflux, earaches and teething. A great gift!
My family uses homeopathy as our primary medicine. Find out more in this post!

New mothers need special attention and these great gift ideas for new moms will rock her world! She will love them!


Food Gift Ideas for New Moms

When considering gift ideas for new moms, think… FOOD!

If she is breastfeeding, she will probably be hungry… a lot!

Having a new baby makes it challenging for her to prepare herself a healthy meal.

A gift of food will always be in good taste! (pun intended 😉 )


Breastfeeding Snack Basket

Breastfeeding moms need even MORE calories than pregnant moms.

A handy basket of breastfeeding snacks will be a very useful and appreciated gift!

Fill your basket with protein bars, fruit, meat snacks, granola bars and nuts that are easy to grab and eat with one hand!


Great gift ideas for new moms!

Lactation Cookies

Bring the breastfeeding new mama a plate of yummy lactation cookies!

My absolute favorite lactation cookie recipe is one that starts with soaking the oats and almonds.

Don’t skip this step because soaking the oats and almonds prior to mixing in the other ingredients increases their digestibility and nutrient availability!

To learn more about the amazing health benefits of soaking grains, nuts, legumes and seeds, read this post.


Consider Organizing a Meal Train

If you know other friends or family members who would like to help out too, organize a meal train for the new mom!

A meal train is a meal organizing service that helps you schedule meals for someone in need.

Simply collect email addresses and send out invitations to others who can help by bringing the new mother a hot (or frozen) meal.

The scheduling service will send reminders and keep everyone in the loop!

gift ideas for new moms

Stock Her Freezer with Frozen Meals

This is a really unique and thoughtful gift for a new mom!

Double or triple your favorite freezable meals and send them along with defrosting and cooking directions.

A new mom simply reheats the meal or follows very easy instructions to prepare it.

For some really easy freezer meal ideas, check out a freezer meal planner.

This freezer meal planning bundle includes recipes for 100+ easy and healthy freezer meals, ready-made shopping lists, freezer labels and more.


Earth Mama Organics Herbal Teas

Give the new mother some great herbal tea that will help her relax and regain her energy in the weeks and months before and following childbirth.

These new mom organic teas are specially formulated for pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding.


Service Gift Ideas for New Moms

Perhaps the most thoughtful and helpful gift of all would be the gift of service!

Check out these great ideas for gifting service to a new mom.

Get some great practical gift ideas for new moms!

Amazon Prime Membership

Give the gift of free shipping, free prime movies and TV shows, free music to stream, free eBooks, free photo storage and much more!

You can gift an Amazon Prime Membership to a new mom. Because she will need to be home more with a new baby, she will really appreciate the unlimited entertainment and music with her new membership!


Hire a Postpartum Doula

A postpartum doula is a trained caregiver who specializes in helping new mothers.  She can lend a hand with household tasks such as cooking and dishes and can also provide much-needed emotional or physical support in the days and weeks after delivery.

Postpartum doulas “mother the new mother” by providing newborn care, new mother care, practical household help, education, lactation support as well as emotional support and care.

Additionally, you can even hire overnight postpartum doulas to help the new mother get much needed rest at night by caring for the new baby!

For information on how to hire a postpartum doula in your area, check out


Give Her a Spa Day!

Most new moms would love a bit of pampering… a facial, a massage, a pedicure, or other spa service.

This makes an awesome gift idea!

Offer to babysit or go along and help with the baby if she’s breastfeeding!


Hire a Cleaning Service

Even a one-time house cleaning can go a long way in giving a new mom a sense of peace and order!

She will be forever grateful for your thoughtful and helpful gift!

Find a local housecleaning service here.


Hire a Nanny Service

If the new mother has older children, a temporary nanny service may be a HUGE help as she adjusts to family life with a new baby.

Give the new mom the gift of rest by hiring some extra daytime help for her during the early weeks postpartum!


Create Your Own Gift Certificate for Service!

If you want to provide helpful service without the expense of hiring help, consider gifting the new mother a homemade gift certificate for service!

Services that new moms would really love include babysitting, house-cleaning, cooking, photography, documenting her birth story in a memory book, creating a beautiful scrapbook, etc!

What are your talents you could share? Be creative!

Just print out my easy gift certificate template (below), fill in the gift certificate and voila!

…A very meaningful and much appreciated new mom gift idea!

This will very likely be a new mom’s favorite gift as it’s a gift of self as well as service!




Give the Gift of a Photo Session

Great practical gift ideas for new moms.

Many professional photographers will come to your home for a newborn photo shoot.

For best results, try to find a photographer that specializes in infant or newborn photography!



What About You?

Like these gift ideas for new moms?

Do you have any other ideas to add to this list?

I’d LOVE to hear from you!


Gift ideas for new moms that she will LOVE!

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