Fun and relaxing tips for Christmas with a newborn!

The 12 Days of Christmas with a Newborn!

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If you are welcoming a new baby during the holidays, you may be feeling a bit anxious about managing Christmas with a newborn!

But…. hold on a bit here….

Let’s back up and set things straight for a minute!

Christmas with a Newborn: Keeping Your Priorities Straight!

First of all…you need to think about this differently, okay?

Remember… if you just had a baby then your body needs recovery time!

This it NOT the time for hosting big dinner parties, traveling long distances or doing anything that causes “busyness” or stress to you or your baby! (You especially don’t want an overtired or overstimulated baby.)

It’s very important that you set your priorities straight!

#1. Mom and Baby… #2. Mom and Baby…. #3. Mom and Baby…

Got it? Good!

Speaking of priorities… Do you have a postpartum plan yet so that you have help during your postpartum recovery season?

It’s Okay to Say “No” This Year!

Relaxing and Fun Ideas for Christmas with a Newborn!

If you normally do most of the decorating, hosting and baking each year… then… THIS IS NOT THAT YEAR!

Instead, your focus needs to be on your postpartum recovery and your newborn.

That’s a full-time job for you and all the holiday “stuff” needs to take a back seat this year.

But… that doesn’t mean that you can’t have an enjoyable and relaxing time during the holidays!

You can do this by planning ahead during your pregnancy to get things done early…

Or… you can simply decide that those things that normally keep you busy during this season (Christmas cards, Christmas shopping, decorating, etc) just won’t happen this year…

… and you know what?


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12 Days of Pampering, Fun and Relaxing Activities for your Postpartum Christmas with a Newborn

Here are 12 great holiday ideas that require very little or no effort on your part.

In fact, you can do all of them while sitting down and relaxing as you recover from childbirth!

1. Watch a Christmas Movie

Relax while you feed your baby and watch a movie! I love watching Christmas movies from my Amazon Prime account.

2. Send Electronic Christmas Photo-Cards

Relaxing and Fun Ideas for Christmas with a Newborn!

It’s not hard to snap a picture of your sweet baby and create a quick Christmas card or email to send out to family and friends!


Amp up the “cute factor” and put your baby into a Santa Outfit or large stocking!

3. Make a Gingerbread House (with help)

This Gingerbread House kit has everything you need to make four really cute mini gingerbread houses.

Pro-Tip: Make sure that you have help to make and clean up!

4. Eat Christmas Cookies

If you don’t get loads of Christmas cookies from relatives and friends, give yourself permission to buy your Christmas cookies this year!

But, if you really love baking, try this easy Christmas cookie mix instead!

5. Enjoy Some Freezer Meals

Stock your freezer during pregnancy and then sit back and enjoy those meals once baby arrives!

If you are looking for meal inspiration, I love this 100+Freezer Meals Planning Packet with recipes, grocery lists and more!

6. Take Santa Hat Selfies!

Stick on Santa Hats and snap some cute new family photos!

Check out this adorable Baby’s First Christmas Santa Hat for your baby, too!

7. Shop Online for a New Christmas Outfit

Remember…. It will take a while before you fit into your pre-pregnancy Christmas clothes.

If you’re looking for a comfortable new Christmas outfit that will work with your post-baby body, I really love these elegant but simple nursing dresses!

Wear with postpartum leggings and layer with a complimentary sweater for an easy yet festive holiday outfit!

Maternity/Nursing Holiday Dress

Maternity/Nursing dress

8. Order a Baby-Safe Nativity Play Set

Honor baby’s first Christmas with an adorable Nativity Play Set.

Our family’s Nativity play set was a very popular Christmas toy that gave our children years of imaginary play. Every year when we unpacked it with the Christmas boxes, it would become a brand new toy all over!

We even used it for Christmas Eve prayer and our annual Christmas Story pageant!

9. Sing Christmas Carols

Gather family and friends and sing your favorite Christmas carols. If singing is not your style, then listen to festive holiday music to lift your spirits!

12 Days of Christmas with a Newborn

10. Visit Holiday Lights Displays

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, pack baby into a warm car and go see some Christmas lights!

Make it even more fun by playing some Christmas music during your tour!

11. Enjoy Christmas Coloring Fun

Relax and enjoy some new mom coloring time!

Did you know that many adults are enjoying coloring books like these that are created for adult relaxation, relieving stress and fun.

12. Munch on Healthy Holiday Snacks

Just because it’s the holiday season does NOT mean that you’re doomed to eat tons of sugar and junk food.

Your recovering body needs real nourishing food snacks like this healthy fruit and nut tray.

Take care of yourself with healthier food choices!

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What are your Holiday Tips for a Christmas with a Newborn?

Do you have any other fun and relaxing ideas for enjoying the holiday season with a newborn while still resting?

Please help other new moms by sharing your tips!

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