1. Angela Cameron

    “No to morning sickness tea” has been such a blessing for me! We bought this when I was experiencing unbearable nausea and not only does it work well to alleviate the nausea, I enjoy the flavor and I love that it’s all natural!! Finally, I found something COMPLETELY safe, refreshing and effective!

    • Karen

      Thanks for your suggestion, Angela! I love it when we (moms) share the things that have worked for us. I’m truly hoping that this forum can be a place for that!

  2. James

    Yes it’s a good forum for expectant moms but i’m a very delighted expectant dad and trying to help my expectant mammy to be (Irish of course) worried but want to make it easier on the most amazing mammy to be any more suggestions will help thank you lots and lots

    • Karen

      It’s so great to hear from you, James. Congratulations to both parents-to-be! I am so very glad that you find the suggestions helpful. So many new parents are unable to hire a postpartum or birth doula, so I guess this is “virtual doula” 🙂 Let me know if there is anything specific you wish to learn more about. I’m guessing you might want to hear more daddy-focused posts perhaps? Thanks again for reaching out!

  3. Kris

    I have had 8 children, so morning sickness is no stranger here. I read about beans with my 8th baby and I can’t believe how much it helped. I had a girl… and I am usually extremely sick with girls. With the beans my morning (all day) sickness only lasted a couple weeks, instead of the usual 6 weeks! And it was only nausea- I didn’t throw up once! I definitely recommend trying it!!!

    • Karen

      Thanks for sharing this, Kris! I love hearing these stories. My daughter recently had a similar experience with eating beans. I hope more ladies try it!!!

  4. Gina Aho

    I am curious if other legumes, green beans, peas, peanuts? Would work as well? I am trying this out! Been a hard pregnancy so far, and it’s worth a try!

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