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The Ultimate Planning for Baby Checklist!

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What do you need for a newborn baby checklist?

When it comes to baby essentials or newborn must haves, this printable baby checklist is the only newborn baby shopping list you’ll need!


What do you need for your new baby? Wonder what to register for on your baby registry? What are must haves for your new baby? Get a free printable newborn essentials checklist today! This baby checklist is the ultimate new parent shopping list for your newborn baby. Download this printable PDF for everything you need for baby. #babyessentials, #babychecklist, #preparingforbaby, #printablebabychecklist

This FREE printable PDF includes all the baby stuff and baby gear to get you ready for your newborn… quickly!

You can also use this easy planning list as a baby registry checklist, setting up the nursery checklist, or to plan for your upcoming baby shower.

Simply download it (below), and print out this pregnancy checklist of EVERYTHING you need for your new baby.

I’ve also included some of my favorite new mom and baby product recommendations to help you decide on what to buy!

Planning for baby checklist

Newborn Baby Checklist- Here’s what you’ll need…

You won’t forget any baby must haves with this ultimate newborn baby checklist.

Not sure what you’ll need?

Here is a basic newborn shopping list + some of my all-time favorite baby gear picks…

Feel free to tweak this list if you wish to include other infant necessities OR if you prefer a more minimalist list of baby items.

This printable newborn checklist is a great starting point for your baby planning to do list!

Baby Nursery Essentials

Diapering Supplies for your Baby Checklist

Newborn clothing for baby checklist.

Newborn Size Clothing

  • 4-8 Onesies (tops)
  • 4-8 Bottoms
  • 2-3 Blanket Sleepers (winter baby)
  • 2-3 Sweaters or jackets
  • 4-8 Undershirts
  • 4-8 Pajamas or night gowns
  • 2-3 Dress up outfits
  • 4-5 Socks or booties
  • 2-3 Newborn sleep caps
  • 2-3 Hats (sun or cool weather)
  • Winter baby sack (if needed)

Bath Needs

Other Baby Checklist Necessities

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Health Essentials for Baby

  • Baby thermometer
  • First aid kit
  • Baby nail clippers
  • Bulb syringe/nasal aspirator
  • Medicine dropper
  • Saline nasal drops

Feeding Must Haves

This list will vary depending on your feeding choices.

For example, if you are exclusively bottle-feeding or pumping, then you will obviously need more bottles than someone who is mostly planning to breastfeed.

You should plan on at least 8-10 newborn feedings every day.

Remember, you will also need bottles if you plan to pump or store pumped breastmilk.

Any other baby gear that YOU think is essential to a Newborn Baby Checklist?

Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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