Pamper the New Mom with these great Valentine's Day gift ideas!

Pamper the New Mom with these 10 Valentine Gift Ideas!

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Looking for ways to pamper the new mom in your life this Valentine’s Day?

pamper the new mom with these great gift ideas!

Or maybe you are the new mom and you’d like to drop some great hints to friends and family?

What new mom (or any mom for that reason) would not LOVE to be spoiled and pampered a bit?

The best part?

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make her happy, either!

When thinking about gift ideas to pamper the new mom… think simple things like… sleep, food, personal time….

You get the idea, right?

Let’s keep reading…


10 Gift Ideas to Pamper the New Mom

pamper the new mom with these great gift ideas!

1. The Gift of Sleep

What new mom would not appreciate a day to sleep in?

If she is waking often to feed a young baby, how much more would she want this!!

Consider offering her a morning to sleep in.

If you are really brave, offer to take a night shift to feed and soothe the baby for her while she gets a full night’s rest!

If she is exclusively breastfeeding, this is still very helpful as many babies have trouble settling back to sleep after a feeding.

Not only that, but she wouldn’t need to burp or change a diaper if she has your help to do so!

Mom may also be able to pump while you offer the baby bottle feedings during the night!

Plan this on a night when you can take a nap the next day.

pamper the new mom with these great gift ideas!

2. The Gift of Food

A prepared meal (or two) is another awesome gift idea for new moms.

She will be so grateful to you for bringing her nutritious, ready-made meals!

There are several ways you can bring food:


Prepare Her a Hot Meal 

This is the most obvious way to bring food. 

If you have cooking skills, surprise her with a home-cooked, ready-made hot meal! 


Consider Organizing a Meal Train

If you know other friends or family members who would like to help out too, organize a meal train for the new mom!

A meal train is a free meal organizing service that helps you schedule meals for someone in need.

Simply collect email addresses and send out invitations to others who can help by bringing the new mother a hot (or frozen) meal.  The scheduling service will send reminders and keep everyone in the loop.

pamper the new mom with these great gift ideas!

Stock Her Freezer with Frozen Meals

This is a really unique and thoughtful gift for a new mom! 

Double or triple your favorite freezable meals and send them along with defrosting and cooking directions. 

A new mom simply reheats the meal or follows very easy instructions to prepare it.

For some really easy freezer meal ideas, check out a freezer meal planner.  

This freezer meal planning bundle includes recipes for 100+ easy and healthy freezer meals, ready-made shopping lists, freezer labels and more.


Breastfeeding Snack Basket

Breastfeeding moms need even MORE calories than pregnant moms. 

A handy basket of breastfeeding snacks will be a very useful and appreciated gift!

Fill your basket with protein bars, fruit, meat snacks, granola bars and nuts that are easy to grab and eat with one hand!


Lactation Cookies

Bring the breastfeeding new mama a plate of yummy lactation cookies!  

My absolute favorite lactation cookie recipe is one that starts with soaking the oats and almonds.

Don’t skip this step because soaking the oats and almonds prior to mixing in the other ingredients increases their digestibility and nutrient availability!

To learn more about the amazing health benefits of soaking grains, nuts, legumes and seeds, read this post.

pamper the new mom with these great gift ideas!

3. Cleaning Help

If you want to really pamper the new mom and make her really happy, clean her house!

Even a one-time house cleaning can go a long way in giving a new mom a sense of peace and order!

She will be forever grateful for your thoughtful and helpful gift!

If you are unable to do the cleaning yourself, you can find a cleaning service to help out!

Find a local housecleaning service here.

10 gift ideas to pamper the new mom in your life!


4. Night of Babysitting

pamper the new mom with these great gift ideas!

Most new moms would welcome a date night!

Pamper the new mom with a gift of a night “on the town” by offering to pay for or provide free babysitting.


5. Give Her a Spa Day!

Most new moms would love a bit of pampering… a facial, a massage, a pedicure, or other spa service,

This makes an awesome gift idea!

Offer to babysit or go along and help with the baby if she’s breastfeeding!


6. Relaxing Bubble Bath or Sitz Bath

Offer to watch her baby or children while she relaxes in a nice warm sitz bath or bubble bath!

Make your own bubble bath kit complete with herbal bubble bath, candle and soft music.


Or if you want a really romantic gift idea, check out this beautiful Valentine’s bubble bath kit



7. Sexy but Practical Nursing Night Gow

She will LOVE this soft, breathable, cotton night gown!

Great easy-opening buttons for breastfeeding.

This over-sized yet attractive night shirt will make her postpartum body feel pretty.

Can also be worn with leggings or yoga pants for added warmth during winter months. 



8. Mother-Baby Matching Outfits! 


Okay, maybe not really pampering, but these adorable matching outfits for mom and baby will definitely make her smile! 



9. Amazon Prime Membership

Okay, this is definitely the ultimate in pampering!

Give the gift of FREE shipping, FREE prime movies and TV shows, FREE music to stream, FREE eBooks, FREE photo storage and much more!

Did you know that you can gift an Amazon Prime Membership to a new mom?

Because she will need to be home more with a new baby, she will really appreciate the unlimited entertainment and music with her new membership!



10. Chocolates… Of Course! 

Last but not least…. chocolate! 

What Valentine’s Day gift list would be complete without chocolate?!!! 

Include this gift with a bubble bath, extra sleep and a romantic dinner out and you will be on the top of her favorites list! 

Get some great chocolate assortments delivered straight to her door just in time for Valentine’s Day! 


Do you have any other gift ideas to pamper the new mom? I’d love to hear your ideas, too!

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