1. Shelby

    Thanks for sharing great, accurate information!! We have swaddled my daughter from day one. We had to experiment with a few, but I have to agree that the Woombie and Halo are by far the best!! My daughter loves to have her hands near her chest, rather than her side. So the Woombie is the perfect swaddle for her. And when she gets that swaddle on, she knows its bed time and I love that! I got the Woombie Grow With me, so it can expand on her and then we can even get her arms out when she’s older… All in the same swaddle!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Karen

      Thanks so much for your comment, Shelby. It’s great to hear from you! You are absolutely right that swaddles can be part of a consistent bedtime routine where the baby makes a sleep association once in the swaddle. Really helpful to get a baby to sleep faster. So glad it works so well with your daughter, too!

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