1. Shelby

    Thanks for sharing great, accurate information!! We have swaddled my daughter from day one. We had to experiment with a few, but I have to agree that the Woombie and Halo are by far the best!! My daughter loves to have her hands near her chest, rather than her side. So the Woombie is the perfect swaddle for her. And when she gets that swaddle on, she knows its bed time and I love that! I got the Woombie Grow With me, so it can expand on her and then we can even get her arms out when she’s older… All in the same swaddle!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Karen

      Thanks so much for your comment, Shelby. It’s great to hear from you! You are absolutely right that swaddles can be part of a consistent bedtime routine where the baby makes a sleep association once in the swaddle. Really helpful to get a baby to sleep faster. So glad it works so well with your daughter, too!

  2. Eva

    Wow, so many options! I purchased How to teach a baby to fall alseep alone lately and swaddling is one of the first tips to follow with newborn. There are some drawing that I followed but now I feel like I need to reassure myself I’m doing it right! And this bath-swaddling seems interesting, Susan Ubran did not mention that!

    • Karen

      Hi Eva! Yes, swaddling is amazing and making sure to do it correctly can be a game-changer! I hope you find my tips helpful. Thanks for visiting and commenting!!

  3. Hannah

    Our baby is now 3 weeks and I just thought he hated being swaddled. About 10 days after being home he began to get very fussy and upset whenever he was not eating and he wasn’t sleeping well. The dr switched his formula but it didn’t help. I found your article and swaddled him for the first time and he is so relaxed and calm. At first he was upset but then I fed him and he calmed down. I honestly feel he was being over stimulated. He would fall asleep and then hit himself and wake up and become upset. His arms would just fly around. It’s a miracle. This has been a huge help. My question for you is, do I need to swaddle him for every nap? Or is this something to do through the night? I don’t want to do it to much. Thanks for your help!! I’m a first time momma and really appreciate the advice!

    • Karen

      Hi Hannah!
      So happy to hear that the swaddling worked! Yes, I agree that a swaddle can really make all the difference in your baby feeling safe and secure. I also think that you are probably right about your baby being overstimulated or overtired. Most babies who are not sleeping well become that way. That’s why watching for sleep cues and wake windows really do matter, too! More in this post.

      Regarding your question: Yes, continue swaddling both day and night sleep until you feel like he is no longer overtired. Once he is sleeping better at night, you can gradually wean him off the day swaddling if you like. But chances are, he’ll need to be swaddled until about 3 months old. That is when the morrow reflex begins to diminish. Hope this helps!

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