5 Postpartum Self-Care Tips for Easier Recovery

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Postpartum self-care? What’s that?

Okay, so you’ve just had a baby and you can’t remember the last time you had a shower….dirty dishes litter the house, the garbage needs to go out and the diaper pail is overflowing.

In addition, your baby is not happy unless he is physically attached to you!

Every time you try to lay him down, he wakes or cries. How can you possibly have time for taking care of yourself, right?

Postpartum self-care tips


Well, let’s speak some truth to ourselves here…

Truth #1 Yes, the 4th trimester is hard!

Truth #2 Yes, postpartum self-care is possible!

Truth #3 Postpartum self-care is essential to healing!

The Postpartum Trimester is Hard!

Not only do you have this newborn to care for, but your body has just gone through a major physical event that requires rest and healing. (This is especially true if you have delivered via cesarean section.)

In addition, all the hormone changes during those early days and weeks, can also mess with your mood and confidence, leaving you feeling tired, insecure and vulnerable.

To make matters worse, you still look like you are six months pregnant!  (When I was 2 weeks postpartum, a well-meaning gentleman asked me when my baby was due…. ouch!)  See my post here about my own personal postpartum challenges.

Another very common challenge of the postpartum time is that new parents are full of anxieties and questions. often worrying about very normal things.

“Is it normal for my baby to nurse so much? Am I bleeding too much? Is my baby getting enough to eat?” All very good and valid concerns!

Finally, there are all those well-meaning family and friends, who love to freely share advice and often misinformation with new parents! Don’t believe these newborn myths. This can lead to confusion and mothers second-guessing ourselves.

How can we trust our “mommy gut” when we have so many other voices telling us what to do?!

With all these challenges, it’s hard to get time for postpartum self-care, but… it can be done!

Postpartum self care tips for new moms

Postpartum Self-Care is Possible

When it comes to self-care, we mothers often tend to think that everything else is more important than taking care of ourselves.

Our default, as mothers, is usually to neglect ourselves while we care for those around us. But I have come to realize that this approach not only hurts us, but ultimately hurts those we love.

When we neglect ourselves, we are not able to properly love those we are meant to care for. Instead, we become exhausted, resentful and can literally make ourselves sick!

But, it is possible to care for ourselves if we are intentional. It takes discipline and determination, and it really  helps to have a plan!


Postpartum Self-Care is Essential to Healing!

If we don’t make self-care a priority during postpartum, we will most likely have physical or emotional set backs during postpartum.

Our bodies are recovering from the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy and birth and this is no small task.

In addition, if you are breastfeeding, your body is using lots of energy to produce milk for your baby.

If you are still pregnant, then it’s not too late for you to plan an awesome postpartum recovery and baby moon!

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5 Postpartum Self-Care Tips for New Moms


1. Be intentional about getting enough sleep.

Perhaps the most important postpartum self-care tip is to prioritize sleep!

Sleep when the baby sleeps!

If you simply cannot take naps during the day, then schedule your (early) bedtime and stick to it!

Since you will be waking during the night to feed your baby, make sure that you keep going back to sleep until you’ve reached your sleep requirements!!

Ask friends and family to help with household chores so you can focus on rest and bonding with your baby.  See my post on sleep hacks for new parents. You can read it here.


2.  Eat a healthy diet.

A healthy real food diet is essential for healing and breastfeeding. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables, pasture-raised meats and drink plenty of water!  Wild-caught (Alaskan) salmon is one of the healthiest foods on the planet.  Also choose free-range eggs, if available.

Soaked oatmeal is another really great food for milk supply. (easy recipe here)

Hopefully, you will have friends and family who can help keep you well-nourished with healthy meals.

You should also continue taking your prenatal vitamins for a while yet.

If you are pregnant, take some time now to prepare ahead and freeze some healthy postpartum meals.  You will be glad you did!


Free Self-care hacks

3.  Let people serve you

Ask for help with household chores and learn to let go of the things that don’t get done.  This is really hard to do, but resist the urge to do these things yourself.

Your job now is to rest, recover, care for your newborn and pamper yourself!

For more about how to properly rest during postpartum, check out this post! 


4.  Pamper Yourself

After you have had enough sleep, take some time every day to freshen up. Take a shower or bathe. Put on make-up and fix your hair. You will feel so much better having washed up and dressed for the day.

If you are still within the early postpartum time, put on a fresh pair of pajamas or lounging clothes, so you are not tempted to start working around the house!

Treat yourself to some of your favorite pampering treats such as a manicure, back rub or favorite coffee treat. Don’t forget your daily sitz baths too!


5. Have some fun

“Baby Blues” is a real thing.

There are a lot of hormone changes going on within your body, not to mention the physical fatigue you feel.  All this may drain your emotional tank.

Remind yourself that this is most likely hormonal and temporary!

Try scheduling a fun event at home while nesting with your baby.

Watch a funny movie, make popcorn, play a board game, call or Skype your best friend, or have a “girls night in”, but keep it small.

Take some time to focus on fun while you rest.

Another fun idea?  Plan a postpartum movie marathon (with your favorite series) to keep you on the couch!


Pro-Tip:  Want an Emotional Self-Care Tip?

Share your birth story!

Sharing your birth story can be one of the greatest ways to process your birth and heal emotionally from a traumatic birth.

Actually, all mothers should process their births and share their birth stories.

Find out why in this post. 


Do you have any other postpartum self-care tips?  Share your great tips in the comments! Thank you.



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