Natural Birth and Baby Online Summit

January 27-31, 2020

​Healthy Mama Hacks is pleased to partner with Natural Birth and Baby to bring you a free online event:

Do you fear…

…losing control during childbirth, or feeling powerless to interventions during your baby’s birth?  Are you tired of the negative birth stories and the common belief that natural birth is “just luck?”  We get it, because we’ve had those same fears and frustrations.  But putting your head down and staying quiet, just trying to stubbornly wing it through birth… that’s not the right way…

And you CAN find strength – YOUR strength – to birth your baby

Join us for the Natural Birth and Baby Summit, a free online event coming this January 27-31.  You’ll be inspired and equipped to:

1. Step into the power you already have to birth your baby
2. Connect deeply with your baby during pregnancy and after birth
3. Discover how to trust birth, gain skills, and most importantly, trust yourself

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Natural Birth and Baby Experts

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Sign up today for this FREE Natural Birth and Baby Online Summit! This online summit features interviews with 10 childbirth professionals. Save your spot now for the free event January 27 -31 or register for full access for unlimited viewing! #pregnancy, #naturalchildbirth, #childbirth, #postpartum, #4thtrimester